Jibola Fagbamiye is a multimedia Nigerian artist who currently lives and works in Toronto, Ontario. He uses a wide range of media (oil, charcoal, acrylic, digital painting, 3D modeling, silk-screening) to layer multiple textures, drawing inspiration from African history and North American pop culture movement. His work is considered digital design and traditional painting with influences of Afro Cuban propaganda poster art and graphic novels. He uses a hybrid of graphic design, illustration and painting to create a subversive style that fuses historic pop imagery and contemporary cultural iconography to create his version of pop art. Using familiar imagery of cultural icons to celebrate history and also to present a reflection on society, inviting viewers to question their presumptions on consumerism, culture and normality.

Jibola has exhibited in multiple galleries in Toronto and his work was recently featured on CP24.   He’s influenced by artist like Sheppard Fiery, Roy Lichtenstein, Frank Miller and Andy Warhol. 


2017     WeWork                                 WeWork Opening, Toronto

2017     Nuit Blanche                         RedHead Gallery, Toronto

2017     Solo Exhibit                           Hopper Coffee, Toronto 

2017     50/50 Art Exhibit                  Queen Gallery, Toronto

2017     Bombay Sapphire Artisan    Only One Gallery, Toronto 

2017     Rosedale Artfair                    Rosedale, Toronto 

2017     Lens Flare                             Arta Gallery, Toronto, 

2017     BLXCK!                                  OCAD University Gallery, Toronto

2016     Bold Expressions                 Super Wonder Gallery, Toronto

2016     Art Fest                                 Distillery District, Toronto

2016     Art Is…                                   Magic Pony Gallery, Toronto

2016     PRINT                                   John Aird Gallery, Toronto

2016     Black and White                  Propeller Gallery, Toronto

2015     Uprising                                RAW, Toronto

2013     Super Naughty Show          Super Wonder Gallery, Toronto

2012     Nuit Blanche                       Elaine Fleck Gallery, Toronto

2012     Solo Exhibit                         Wayla Bar, Toronto

2011      Solo Exhibit/ Alter Ego       918 Gallery, Toronto 

2005    Solo Exhibit/ Colors!          Accolade University Gallery, Toronto

2004    Fall Group Exhibit              Orbit Gallery, Toronto


For any inquiries, please contact me at jibola@jibolastudios.com


WeWork, Microsoft, Allergan Medical, Dodge Viber, MuchMusic, Accenture, Big Studios, Lifetime Fitness, Acura, DIESEL Jeans, OneXOne, CAMH